• 10th to 13th of June 2021 Messezentrum Salzburg
    Die Hohe Jagd & Fischerei

    International fair for hunting, fishing, adventure in nature & travel
    Parallel with absolut allrad


safety regulations

electrical systems / stand installations

  • All set-ups and equipment must conform with all applicable ÖVE (ETG, ETV, NspGV etc.) and local EVU guidelines.
  • Electrical appliances within the stand borders are permitted if installed and operated by the exhibitor’s own electricians or contracted electrical service providers in compliance with the currently valid ÖVE regulations. Before the electricity supply is switched on correct and proper installation must be confirmed at the information desk „Info-Mitte“ by the provision of official inspection results which must be presented on site.
  • If neon or tube lighting, requiring over 1000 volts is used, technical documentation and constructor‘s and/or manufacturer‘s inspection results must be submitted by the time of event inspection.
  • Lighting elements may not be installed within arm’s reach in the aisles. Two independent suspension constructions must be erected to secure any suspended lighting elements, irrespective of their weight. The use of plastic cable binders for the purpose of securing lighting elements, irrespective of their weight and other components is forbidden.
  • All lights and lamps must include a protective guard, glass, cage or basket to prevent bulbs, tubes or lamp elements from falling down. Sufficient distance to flammable materials (see instructions on the lamp and bulb) must be guaranteed.
  • Open screw terminals are forbidden. All cables and leads must be connected in junction boxes closed on all sides; above and below.
  • All systems and set-ups are obliged to include a 30mA FI (RCD) protective switch.
  • Conductive construction elements such as steel structures, metal parts of expo stands, rigging, metal stages, stage facilities, tents, suspended structures etc must be linked up with an additional electrical bonding earthing system.

safety equipment:
Under no circumstances must fire alarms, emergency alarm buttons and switches, smoke alarms, hydrants, fire extinguisher cabinets or other such safety devices or equipment be blocked by permanent or temporary structures, or be used as - or as part of - decorative features. They must be clearly visible, recognisable and their usability must be unrestricted. Hydrant cabinets in the halls are solely installed for fire fighting purposes and may only be used for these purposes. All halls incl. adjacent rooms are equipped with an automation fire alarm (smoke sensor). Drawing large amounts of untreated water is strictly forbidden and activates the sprinkler system. Halls 02 – 03, 05 – 06, foyer B and hall 10 incl. the congress areas are additionally equipped with an automatic sprinkler system. Stand designs must be implemented in such a way as not to inhibit or prevent the correct functioning of fire protection infrastructure (smoke alarms, sprinkler systems) in the halls.

hall entrances & emergency exits:
Please note, all specified aisle widths must be adhered to without exception and must not be blocked or constricted with decorations or with objects standing in, or protruding into, the aisle (i.e. machine sledges, rails, flags, etc.). No emergency exits or signs indicating their location may be blocked or covered by any kind of mobile or immobile object, nor otherwise rendered illegible or inoperative in any way. All indoor and outdoor emergency exits must kept free at all times.

fire service zones
Marked and signposted fire service access zones and fire service access manoeuvring zones signposted ‘no parking’ and ‘no waiting’, must be kept freely accessible for the entire duration of the assembly period, the trade fair itself, and the dismantling period, in such a way as to facilitate unrestricted access for fire and emergency service vehicles at any time. The prohibition of parking in loading and fire service areas must be strictly observed at all times. Vehicles and objects parked in areas reserved for emergency services and restricted access zones will be removed at the expense and risk of the owners. As organisers we have no influence over these procedures and regulations. We request your cooperation and understanding for the observation of all official requirements. Please follow the instructions given of the security staff to ensure events proceed with a maximum of speed and efficiency.

Conditions laid down by the fire authorities: In compliance with de Austrian ÖNORM A 3800 part 1, materials, stand construction and decorative materials must at least comply with fire classes B1, Q1 and Tr1 or the classifications contained in EN 13501/1 (does not burn easily, produces little smoke and does not drip). Easily inflammable materials such as straw, hay and bark mulch are in principle not allowed, unless they have been impregnated and their use agreed in advance with the fair management (fire extinguisher on the stand). Candles on display cannot be lit and the use of wood wool for decoration is forbidden.
Flammable liquids: Flammable liquids or pressurised gas containers (i.e. spray cans) may not be presented in their original packaging. Please ensure such exhibits are only exhibited as empty mock-up containers.
Neither trucks nor cars shall be allowed to drive into any of the halls. All exceptions must be agreed in advance with the exhibition management and the hall manager.
No cleaning substances, paints, varnishes or glues containing solvents (i.e. nitro compounds) may be used in any of the halls or adjacent rooms.


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